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More and more people are starting to try e-cigarettes. Yes, e-cigarettes are a lot of fun and compared with traditional cigarettes, they have more diverse types, a more fashionable appearance, and smart and innovative configurations. Electronic cigarettes are more convenient than traditional cigarettes, and disposable cigarettes are the most convenient of many types of electronic cigarettes. Most e-cigarettes are very thin and light in shape. Insta bar disposable vape kit is not only small, but compared with traditional cigarettes, it does not adopt a pen-shaped design, but a short, fat, cute and round shape.

Convenience must be the biggest advantage of disposable vape kit, and all disposable products should realize the features of convenience to the greatest extent. The compact appearance of this Insta Bar Disposable Vape Kit is convenient for you to carry. Its taste and brand are clearly printed on the concave part in the middle, which is easy for you to identify. The lower profile lets you slip it into any bag pocket without worrying it’s too long to fit.

Insta bar disposable vape kit

The 650mAh battery can provide enough battery life for the device while avoiding the heavy weight brought by a large-capacity battery, making it lighter and more convenient for you to use. Although the battery capacity is relatively small, you don’t need to worry about device power. It supports type-c charging mode, and it can be used until the device is retired just by connecting the plug.

As a disposable cigarette, this device has a 12ml oil reserve, which can provide you with a few days of smoking to meet your needs. As a disposable product, it has super high-cost performance. After the e-liquid is used up, there is no need for complicated filling operations, and it will not feel wasteful to discard it directly. Such a round, cute and light disposable cigarette is really suitable for daily use. If you like it, come and try it.

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