Does Biff Bar Lux Vape Impress You In Terms of Taste?

When I saw biff bar lux, my first impression was luxury. Nowadays, electronic cigarettes no longer rely on performance to attract users but also become various in design and full of personality. Today’s disposable cigarette is designed with high-quality leather, and the whole is handcrafted, so you will feel extremely comfortable in your hand. A variety of unique colour schemes are available for you to choose from, there is always one you prefer.

top biff bar lux disposable vape

Biff bar lux disposable vape pods uk is compatible with a 650mAh battery for power supply and can be recharged through the type-c charging interface. This feature greatly allows you to use it for a longer period of time. The e-liquid is pre-filled with 13ml and cannot be refilled, but this large e-liquid capacity allows you to inhale up to 5500 puffs, and the disposable cigarettes with more than 5000 puffs allow you to fully enjoy the happiness of vaping.

The built-in mesh coil can perfectly restore the purest taste of e-liquid, without the risk of dry burning or oil leakage.

The choice of taste is also very free. The frozen chocolate first brought me a rich chocolate flavour called a cold taste. This sweet but not greasy and very refreshing feeling makes people feel very enjoyable.

Sparkling Wild Berries conveys a rich taste of berries, which can convey a rich taste of the wind and bring you an original ecological atmosphere.

Dragon Paradise is a fusion of three fruit flavours, kiwi, passion fruit and watermelon, juicy and sweet, and more layers that can bring a fresher experience.

Blueberry Gummy Bear is a combination of fresh blueberries and sweet fudge, which complement each other perfectly, making people want to take another sip after taking a sip.

Of course there are many other flavours that are also worth trying, if you appreciate its design and its performance and taste, I think maybe biff bar lux won’t let you down, at some vape shops you can find it and hope you can have an unforgettable vaping journey.

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