How Many Puffs Does SMOK ETO BAR Have?

I think the brand smok must be familiar to experienced vapers, and what I want to review for you today is smok eto bar disposable, a device with a 650mAh built-in battery, and it’s rechargeable. You can quickly fully charge the device through the type-c charging interface at the bottom, so your number of vaping times and the life of the device can be longer.

smok eto bar disposable new in uk

Provides a maximum of 8000 puffs of inhalation. The e-liquid has been pre-filled, but you need to pay attention not to fill it fully. It can be safely discarded after consumption.

Featuring 50mg nicotine strength, which will have a stronger taste than 20mg, so it can better satisfy your desire to vape. In addition, in order to allow you to have a more precise inhalation method, there is an airflow adjustment button at the bottom, so you can easily customize the inhalation method you want.

Eto bar smok as a whole adopts a rectangular box design, which is very delicate and cute. The shell is made of high-quality PC material, which is safe and practical. Provides you with ten fruit flavours, strawberry ice cream is a ripe strawberry taste mixed with rich vanilla ice cream, creating a very sweet feeling for you.

Mixed Fruits is a variety of rich fruit flavours, including vibrant orange and sweet pineapple, which will make you feel full of passion after every inhalation.

Mango Ice is a combination of exotic mango taste and cold menthol flavour, bringing an extraordinary experience to your taste buds. More rich flavours are also waiting for you to experience. Ten different flavours are provided, and you will definitely choose the one that suits you.

There are more types of disposable cigarettes waiting for you to explore in our vape warehouse. Of course, regular electronic cigarettes can also be easily obtained here. Hope you get something out of it.

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