Is GCORE GC6500 Disposable Vape Worth Buying?

Gcore G6500 disposable is a one-time pod line specializing in fruits, with up to 12 extremely high-quality flavors to make your summer smoother than ever. The new convenient disposable pod hit the shelves in July 2023, bringing delicious vapor to the top of a disposable pod, along with upgraded efficiency for long-term users.

GCORE GC6500 Disposable Vape near me

Gcore Vape is known as a brand specializing in disposable pod kit, with superior suction quality compared to price, proven by sales and widely known in the Vietnamese market through typical products such as Rodeo 1600 and G7000.

G6500 is a significant upgrade compared to previous Gcore products, with more thoughtful features for daily convenience. Here are the highlights of the G6500 vape that you should not miss:

Silicone suction mouth, smooth and comfortable

G6500 has a silicone suction mouth, soft and comfortable to hold. You can hold the G6500 in your mouth without using your hands, or bite it while thinking without worrying about scratching the drip tip. The silicone mouthpiece also helps maintain the new, beautiful appearance of the G6500.

Hanging hole and colorful strap

G6500 has a lanyard hole next to the lid and comes with a colorful strap. You can hang it around your neck, hang it on your backpack, or anywhere you want. A useful utility so you never forget or lose your G6500.

Long duration of use

G6500 provides a usage rate of 6500+ puffs/puff, combined with a 5% nicotine level, for an even longer usage time. Helps users save much more money at online vape shop and time than low puffs or 3.5% nicotine products.

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