Is The Riot Squad Q Bar Disposable Vape Right For You?

Riot Squad Q Bar Disposable Vape is a highly recommended product, most impressively because of the eco-friendly concept of the device, which is very eco-friendly. When you notice that the LED on your Q BAR is flashing, you can find your nearest recycling center on the official website and dispose of your device safely and securely. The manufacturer specializes in recycling and they will dismantle the products that come through and dispose of them separately for a low carbon secondary process that is very energy efficient and makes a huge difference in terms of resource use!

Let’s focus on the details of the Q Bar Disposable Vape next!

UK Riot Squad Q Bar Disposable

In terms of appearance, the disposable vape is flat and lightweight, making it easy to carry around in your jeans pocket. The device’s outer shell is made of biodegradable PLA plastic (cornstarch), making it easy for the team to recycle the shell and make it more environmentally friendly. In line with the brand’s sustainability strategy, the box and inner pouch are made of unbleached paper, and the inner pouch is lined with some kind of resistant coating that allows it to be separated from the paper and discarded.

In terms of flavors, Riot Squad’s disposable e-cigarette comes in around 10 flavors, including Mango, Peach&Pineapple, Menthol Ice, Cherry Fizzle, Triple Mint, Blue Burst, Classic Tobacco, Watermelon Ice Whether it’s a fruit mix, a tobacco flavor or a mint flavor, you’ll find something you like here. If it’s hard to choose, we recommend buying a few flavors at a time. To give you the flavor you want, this product is available in three strengths of nicotine salts – 0mg, 10mg and 20mg – which is unusual on the market. You can choose the right strain according to your habits.

In terms of performance, the Q Bar Disposable Vape is powered by a 420mAh internal battery, pre-filled with 2ml of vape oil and can support approximately 550 puffs. It is also very easy to operate, with a draw-activated system that activates the device by simply puffing directly, with no unnecessary button action. If you are used to smoking traditional cigarettes and want to switch to e-cigarettes, this is the one you can’t miss. If you want to try a product with nicotine salts for the first time, then you can also try this one.

This is a revolutionary green product and can be viewed at online vape shop UK!


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