Review:The Portable Smok Pozz Pro Pod Kit

Smok has always been a big and trusted brand, dominating the e-cigarette market. I have been looking forward to smok’s recent release of the Smok pozz pro in USA for deal for a long time, so let’s check it out!

where to buy pozz pro kit

Smok pozz Pro can be charged full in 90 minutes via USB Type C with a max 0.98 A charge rate.The Pozz Pro also has a lower power range and maximum output. It’s variable wattage is 5.25 W, while Pozz X is 5-40W.The new Pozz Pro also has a screen size of 0.69 inch OLED, down from 0.96 inch color TFT. Pozz Pro can be used with a dedicated launch button or through the automatic drawing function.

The smok Pozz Pro Pod has a pod with a refilling capacity of 2.6 ml sweet flavor vape liquid, which has a side port for filling.The pod utilizes the cheap LP1 coil range from Smok, including two LP1 0.9Ω mesh coils in the kit.You could go to vape online to get the lower price vapes and get good service.

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