SMOK Novo Master VS Novo Master Box – The Final Choice

SMOK, a renowned name in the vaping industry, has consistently delivered innovative and popular products over the years. For the two new SMOK Novo Master and Novo Master Box, how should we pick the right one for us? Through this comparison, you will know about it and pick the one you prefer.

SMOK Novo Master Box IN STOCK

SMOK’s Legacy:

SMOK has gained a stellar reputation with its lineup of exceptional vaping devices, including the highly acclaimed Novo and Novo 2. These predecessors set the stage for the Novo Master and Novo Master Box, creating high expectations among the vaping community.

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SMOK Novo Master:

The Novo Master boasts an array of features catering to the needs of both novice and experienced vapers. With a built-in 1000mAh battery, top-filling system, and versatile compatibility with Novo pod cartridges, it offers a seamless and customizable vaping experience. The Boost Mode and Standard Mode further enhances the device’s adaptability to individual preferences.

SMOK Novo Master Box:

On the other hand, the Novo Master Box emerges as a compact and portable alternative, maintaining compatibility with Novo, Novo 2, and Novo 2X pods. The addition of two power modes, Boost Mode for intense taste and Standard Mode for a milder experience, grants users the flexibility to tailor their vaping sessions. The incorporation of stepless airflow control, a 1.4A Type-C charging port, and a 1000mAh battery capacity showcases SMOK’s commitment to technological advancement.

Comparative Analysis:

Power Modes:

Novo Master: Boost Mode and Standard Mode.
Novo Master Box: Boost Mode (intense taste) and Standard Mode (mild taste).
Battery Capacity:

Both devices feature a built-in 1000mAh battery, ensuring prolonged usage between charges.
Charging System:

Novo Master: Type-C Port.
Novo Master Box: 1.4A Type-C Port, highlighting a faster-charging capability.

Novo Master: Draw-activated/Button-activated.
Novo Master Box: Button/Auto Draw.

Novo Master: Top-filling system.
Novo Master Box: Hangy-sized design with a 3-level LED indicator, stepless airflow control, and top-filling system.

Novo Master: Compatible with SMOK Novo/Novo 2/Novo 2X Pod Cartridge.
Novo Master Box: Compatible with Novo, Novo 2, and Novo 2X Pods.
Additional Features:

Novo Master: –
Novo Master Box: Lanyard included for enhanced portability.

As we reflect on the journey of SMOK’s Novo Master and Novo Master Box over the past year, it’s evident that both devices offer unique features catering to diverse vaping preferences. Whether you prioritize the Novo Master’s draw/button activation or the Novo Master Box’s compact design and faster charging, SMOK continues to impress with its commitment to innovation. Ultimately, the choice between these two stellar devices boils down to individual preferences, making them both valuable additions to SMOK’s impressive legacy.

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