Smok Solus G Box,the SMOK brand has designed a new pod to meet the needs of avid smokers who want port Which is small, compact, easy to carry, easy to use, easy to travel anywhere, anytime.

The SOLUS G-BOX kit is transparent. In order to see the working inside the machine, there is an LED light system to show the status of working when pumping or low battery. will show the power status no operation buttons just wear the pot head with the machine can be used immediately.

smok solus g box vape kit for sale

It contains 2. 5ml vape juice capacity that provides MTL vaping style, exudes a sweet, delicious taste and aroma. Works with 0.9 ohm Solus coils.Get heat quickly, smok solus g box vape device can supply a maximum power of 20W, a device that is minimal but very easy to use.It has a battery capacity of 700 mAh, comes with a fast charging system with a USB Type-C charging cable that will allow charging the battery.There is a temperature that is too hot It will automatically stop the power supply.

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