Tugboat Ultra Disposable Vape-Practical Vaping Partner

Tugboat Ultra Disposable Vape is a device with a unique design, using a more visually striking pattern. The whole is very light and can be easily taken out by users at any time. Pre-filled with 15ml of e-juice, no refilling is required. A 600mAh battery is pre-installed and has been fully charged in advance. Of course, in order to allow you to use it for a longer time, tugboat ultra allows you to recharge it, only through the type-c charging interface.

tugboat ultra disposable vape rechargeable

50mg vape disposable can bring a more satisfying throat hit, and you can enjoy up to 6000 puffs vape, which can meet your vaping needs for about a month. The device is activated by suction, without any button operation. The built-in mesh coil can bring comfortable vaping and ideal MTL vaping.
Offering a rich flavour profile for vapers, watermelon bubble gum is a sweet watermelon-gum-blended palate that creates a perfect flavour profile that leaves you wanting more.

What Red Energy conveys is the taste of an energy drink, which is not only energetic but also refreshing. Banana ice is a mixture of ice and a mellow and sweet banana taste, which instantly activates the tired body.

Tugboat Ultra Disposable Vape is very easy to use as a whole. Whether it is for novices or veterans, it is a disposable cigarette suitable for long-term use. There are a variety of flavours, and you can choose as you like. I hope you can also find the e-cigarette that suits you at cheap vapes online.

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