Is the VINCI Q Pod Kit released by VOOPOO an upgrade to the VOOPOO VINCI Pod Kit? The features don’t look too different, the case seems to have changed a bit and, more importantly, it’s at least half the price! Let’s take a deeper look.

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The VOOPOO VINCI Q is made of a two-tone textured injection mould in a youthful macaroon colour palette.It is very light in the hand and feels like it is not there.The Vinci Q is charged by a 900 mAh internal battery, the same as the Vinci pod kit, both of which can reach 15w,and the lit status is indicated by an LED light.

VOOPOO VINCI Q has a 2ml vinci pod to refill the blvk unicorn juice from top filling port without leakage.If you need more details,click vape online store to visit.

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