Will R And M Tornado 7800 Have A Real Sense Of Experience?

Today I would like to introduce an electronic cigarette product for you, r and m tornado 7800. First of all, this is a disposable device powered by an 850mAh integrated battery, which can last a whole day of vaping time. You can recharge it through the type-c charging interface until the e-liquid is exhausted or the life of the coil is exhausted.

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The r and m vape tornado 7800 is designed with a transparent material, so you can clearly check the condition of the e-liquid and the status of the internal coil. The overall is relatively compact, and the design is relatively ergonomic. You also need to pay attention to the steps before using it.

When opening the package for the first time, you need to press the tip of the mouth, tear off the sticker, and then let the e-liquid stand for three minutes before using it. This step is also to ensure that the coil is fully in contact with the e-liquid, so as to prolong the service life of the coil and prevent you from smelling burnt smell during use.

The capacity of 15ml of e-liquid is quite impressive in the number of large puffs, and you can enjoy up to 7800 puffs of inhalation times. There is no need to replace the electronic cigarette for ten or twenty days. Whether you are travelling or temporarily on a business trip, there is no burden to take the device out and use it. The suction-activated device makes operation easier and easier. The airflow control system also allows you to define your preferred inhalation method.

Of course, most of the satisfaction of smoking comes from the taste, whether it is cool Mint, Lush Ice, sweet Banana Milk, Strawberry Watermelon, or Cotton Candy, I believe there is always a style you like. Of course, there are more flavours waiting for you to explore. Through the best online vape store, I hope you can get the most suitable electronic cigarette products for you.

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