Wismec R80 Pod Mod Kit Reviews

Wismec is an electronic cigarette manufacturer in Shenzhen. Although its popularity is not very high, it also provides us with many amazing vape devices. The vape kit we are going to introduce today is a classic product of Wismec, and it also has a large number of loyal fans around the world. Let us take a look at this Wismec R80 Pod Mod Kit.

Wismec R80 Pod Mod Kit

Wismec R80 is powered by a single 18650 battery with a maximum output power of 80W. It is made of high-quality zinc alloy materials and has a 0.96 inch TFT display on the side of the fuselage. The juice capacity of Wismec R80 is 4ml and is compatible with all Wismec WV series coils. Wismec r80 adjustable airflow control system can provide you with a large number of clouds and the best vaping experience.

In terms of appearance, Wismec R80 is very compact mini, its overall size is only 116.2mm x 32mm x 31.5mm, and it is made of high-quality zinc alloy materials. It is very durable and can be carried in a pocket. . There is an intuitive ignition button and two function adjustment buttons on the side of its body, which is very natural to use. It also has a 0.96 inch TFT display, which can intuitively display all vaping data including output power, battery level and coil blocking. There is also a standard 510 threaded connection on the top of the Wismec R80, you can use it with other vape tanks. It is worth noting that the resistance of the Wismec R80 compatible coil is 0.2-1.5ohm. In other words, all vape tanks with a coil resistance in the range of 0.2-1.5ohm can be used with it. In addition, Wismec R80 has a humanized lanyard and a dust cap. This means that in addition to putting it in your pocket, you can also hang it around your neck and carry it with you. And its dust cap can also effectively avoid the ash layer, which is very clean.

In terms of performance, Wismec R80 is powered by a single 18650 battery, supporting an output power of up to 80W. You can use the adjustment button on the body to freely choose the output power that suits you. It is worth noting that the battery of Wismec R80 is removable. This means that when it is dead, you can change the battery at any time without waiting for charging. You can also use the Type-C port to quickly charge it. Wismec R80 also has many additional protection functions, including short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection and low voltage protection.

The juice capacity of Wismec R80 is 4ml, and the large juice capacity can meet your vaping needs throughout the day. You can open the silicone plug at the bottom to easily add e-juice to it, which is very convenient and can effectively avoid leakage. Wismec R80 is compatible with all coils of Wismec WV series. The 0.3ohm WV-M mesh coil and 0.8ohm WV01 single coil are sold together with it. The rated power of 0.3ohm WV-M mesh coil is 20-40W, and the rated power of 0.8ohm WV01 single coil is 12 -20W. You can also control the airflow by adjusting the airflow control ring at the bottom of the Wismec R80 pod.

Overall, the Wismec R80 with a small body can bring you an amazing vaping experience. It also has a variety of colors to choose from, including classic legend, meteor shower, northern lights, ocean star, quantum world.

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