Cute Pillow Look: Elf Bar Pi9000 Disposable

Elfbar, a household name brand, has never been able to surpass its single-use cigarette after the bc5000 craze. But when I saw elfbar pi9000, I think it will become a trend in the future.

The shape looks like a soft throw pillow, giving customers enough visual aesthetic experience. It also shows the superb technology of elf bar. The four sides of the concave process, can be a good fit with the palm. It’s very easy to take your pi9000 disposable vape with you when you go out.

Most importantly, in order to meet the demand of the public, the new elfbar has been improved in the number of mouthpieces, 19 ml of pre-filled liquid can reach about 9000 puffs output. In the lower right corner we can see two ICONS: water drop and lightning pattern, they are liquid and battery indicator light.

Elf Bar Pi9000 Disposable

19ml Pre-Filled Vape Juice
5%(50mg) Nic Salt
Rechargeable 650mAh Battery
USB-C Port
Approximately 9000 Puffs
Mesh coil
Liquid and Battery Indicators

In a word, large capacity, unique shape of the advantage will set off a boom in the market. I don’t think any smoker will be able to resist the temptation of this product. Many online stores already have this product on their shelves, so check it out for more details.

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