Will You Be Tempted By Cost-effective Crystal Prime 3D Effects Vape?

What kind of e-cigarette is more exciting to you, is it the outstanding appearance, powerful performance or impressive taste? The crystal prime 3d effects that I want to introduce to you today may cause some of your attention.

crystal prime vape uk

Crystal Prime is a cheap disposable vape with a large puff, which brings 7000 puffs. I think for users who often use disposable cigarettes, the large puff is more attractive, thanks to its long life.

The pre-filled e-juice does not require you to refill it, which reduces the burden of operation. The 600mAh pre-installed battery provides a safe and secure output method. In addition, there is also an eye-catching exterior design. The two colours are mixed and matched, coupled with the crystal-like texture, which is dazzling and beautiful.

The nicotine content of 20mg can meet the daily needs of daily vapers. Inhalation activated, no button needed to quickly start pleasurable smoking time. Such an easy-to-use disposable cigarette is not more expensive than conventional electronic cigarettes, has a long service life and has a variety of flavours. I believe it can leave a deep impression on you.

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