Hitaste E3 Review: Smoke-free but Smoking Feeling

Nowadays, in the cigarette market, disposable cigarettes, mod kits and other smoking or vaping sets are mixed with each other and have their own charms. Do you still worry about which product to choose? If you are in the transition stage from traditional cigarettes to vapes, if you pursue pure tobacco flavor, if you still can’t accept the feeling of vape, you might as well try Hitaste E3 Kit.

Hitaste e3 is a heat-not-burn(HNB) tobacco product, not a vaping product that uses e-liquid. Specifically, it is served by heating the Tobacco sticks, but this temperature is too low to cause the tobacco to burn, so there is no smoke generation and emission in the process. Because of this, using HNB devices like this will deliver fewer toxicants than traditional cigarettes, and will cause less damage to the human body.

Undeniably, Hitaste E3 is an advanced and cheap pod kit. Its size is small, but it is equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable battery of 1120mah. LED indicator helps us grasp the power information faster. Charging for two hours can support 18pcs tobacco sticks. Besides, it only takes 20 seconds to preheat each stick, and the smoking time can be as long as 260 seconds. Tobacco sticks provide you with a more realistic and smoke-like experience and feel.

best hitaste e3 kit

Echoing its compact size is its simple and clear design. The overall shape is a long cylinder, the color is pure, and there are five very beautiful colors to choose from black, white, pink, blue, and pink purple. There is a black square button in the middle of the front, which is used to activate the Kit. There is an invisible type-C port at the bottom for charging. The beautiful and stylish hitaste e3 can accompany you on any occasion.

Are you a little excited? It is better to act. Believe me, hitaste e3 heat not burn kit can bring you a wonderful experience like no other. I am waiting for you at the vape warehouse, welcome to browse and purchase.

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