How About SMOK Novo Bar B600 With Rich Taste?

Today I want to introduce you to a disposable vape product made by smok, smok novo bar b600. First of all, this device is compatible with a 500mAh built-in battery, which ensures a relatively stable operating state. Since the battery is not rechargeable, its lifespan will be shorter than some conventional electronic cigarettes.

smok novo bar b600 vape sale

The TPD capacity of 2ml can bring up to 600 puffs of vaping, and the nicotine concentration is 20mg. Therefore, this is a disposable vaping device that meets the TPD standard. The built-in mesh coil can fully restore the taste, bringing the most delicate and pure taste, and you can enjoy comfortable MTL vaping.

In order to ensure the safety of use, the novo bar b600 disposable vape uk also provides a 10-second puff limit, and each puff time, service life and potential problems can be clearly understood through the LED indicator on the device.

In addition, it also provides you with rich flavours, including blueberry lemon, strawberry watermelon, and peach pineapple. vanilla strawberry, blueberry blasting, cherry lemon peach and so on.

If you have a full desire for taste, you might as well choose a few more, the smok brand may be worthy of your trust. And vapes for cheap online are easy to get here.

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