IJOY Comma Disposable Kit 5500 Puffs-With Ultra-large 18ml Capacity

Today,I want to introduce you IJOY Comma Disposable Kit 5500 Puffs.The novel appearance is quite unusual due to the choice of form factors. In fact, the brick version is diluted by the anatomical contours, and thanks to that, by the way, the device’s ergonomics are expected to succeed. However, decorations are minimal, as always with the brand.

Ijoy comma disposable kit price

The size of Comma Disposable Kit near me is undoubtedly large, but a specific shape has been chosen. Moreover, as far as I know, it is one of the most liquid specimens on the market today.


• 900mAh Integrated Battery
• Stable And Consistent 12W Power Supply
• Ultra-large 18ml Capacity
• About 5500 Puffs
• 1.0ohm Built-in Mesh Coil
• Constructed With Aluminum Alloy & PCTG
• Comfortable In Pockets, Bags And Purses
• 50mg Or 30mg Nicotine

The mouthpiece is integrated, designed for a medium hookah puff. By the way, the last one is unregulated. The evaporator is naturally built-in, the good news is, of course, that it is made on a grid. Its resistance is average – it should be worthy in advance.

An incredible capacity for pre-filled liquid – just think 18ml. This is more than half of the standard bottle for pod systems. The number of puffs also seems “implausible” – 5500!

The liquid is fixed with saline nicotine – two variants of 50 / 30mg are offered. The number of tastes offered is also encouraging – as many as 20 options. Two and the variety is observed – drinks, chewing gum, fruits, mint, sweets, etc.

The built-in battery is surprisingly small. However, this is not a problem as the kit includes a charging feature. The latter is implemented through the Type-c connector. Developers must be surprised.

Such an amazing disposable e-cigarette, what are you waiting for, click vape online store to buy.

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