Puff Plus Disposable Vape VS Miso Plus Disposable Vape

Friends who know about electronic cigarettes should have tried the fun of disposable cigarettes. Disposable cigarettes can be loved by many people with their rich taste and portability. This puff plus disposable vape kit is such a stylish and practical electronic cigarette product.

In terms of appearance, this disposable vape kit is very classic in design. Its flat and long body can provide the greatest convenience for your outing, and you can put it in any interlayer of your bag or pocket without the trouble of storage. Brand and flavour are printed on the front of the case. If you know more about disposable cigarettes, you should feel that its overall style is very similar to Miso Plus Disposable Vape Kit.

puff plus disposable vape kit

The moment you hold this device, trust me, you will love it. Its outer shell is as soft as gummies, which can bring you a more comfortable and soft grip. Compared with the Miso Plus Disposable Vape Kit, the mouthpiece of this device is relatively small and the design is very novel. Friends with thin lips or who like small cigarette holders are more suitable to use a puff plus disposable vape kit.

If you’re not used to draw-activated systems, then definitely try the puff plus disposable vape kit. It adopts suction activated system, which can bring you smooth and tight MTL vapour
. E-cigarette enthusiasts who have strict requirements on flavour will love it because it has 20 carefully developed flavours for you to choose from, which can restore the original flavour of e-liquid to the greatest extent.

The pre-installed 2ml of e-liquid can bring you a vaping experience of 600 puffs. It has a built-in 350mAh battery capable of powering your device. The puff plus disposable vape kit, which is stylish, beautiful, convenient and practical, is really popular.

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