What About Tugpod EVO 4500 Puffs Disposable Kit?

Tugpod EVO Disposable is a 4500 puffs diposable vape with the cool flavor.In addtion to the incredible volume of filled e-liquid,against the background of analogues,the one-time frink stands out for the presence of airflow control.

Tugpod EVO disposable Watermelon Bubblegum flavor

The Tugpod EVO Disposable vapes best sale is made in a cylindrical shape,but its cartridge is,as it were,separeted from the battery pack.The volume of the filled liquid is 10 ml,and even full-fledges tanks do not contain so much.With these parements,4500 puffs re promised for the Tugpod Evo,one time is enough for an average of 5-10days of use.

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