Will Joymy Ultra 15000 Disposable Redefine The Way You Vape?

What I want to bring to you today is a device with super performance, joymy ultra 15000. First of all, from the appearance, it adopts a relatively simple and compact design, whether it is held in the hand or placed in the pocket, it will not There is a burden.

As a large-volume uk disposable vape, it provides 20ml of e-liquid. Of course, you don’t need to worry after using it. The e-liquid can be refilled, and the 10ml e-liquid capacity is at your disposal. No matter what flavour you want, you can easily customize it.

20ml of e-liquid can provide up to 10,000 puffs, while 10ml of custom e-liquid can provide up to 5,000 puffs. joymy ultra disposable vape can definitely bring you a vaping feast beyond your imagination.

joymy ultra 15000 disposable vape uk

Of course, such a long life also requires extremely high battery life. In addition to the built-in 650mAh battery for basic daily use, you can also recharge it through the type-c charging interface at the bottom. Adjustable airflow allows you to achieve a more distinctive inhalation style and more precisely define your preferred vaping style.

The 1.2ohm mesh coil can harvest a more pure and original taste. In terms of taste selectivity, it not only provides rich fruit flavours, but also has some delicious beverage flavours, candy flavours, tobacco flavours, and mint and ice flavours. Multiple and rich greatness for you to choose from.

We believe that this joymy ultra disposable vape will bring you a rich and impressive vaping experience. If you are also looking forward to it, please don’t miss it. You can also learn more directly through the best vape shop.

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