ZOABAR 8000 Puffs Disposable Vapes Review

ZOABAR disposable 8000 with a design inspired by soft drink cans that are so familiar with our daily lives. The entire body is made of PC plastic with super light weight, excellent insulation and impact resistance.

ZOABAR 8000 Puffs price

With extreme portability, the ZOABAR 8000 steam pod will be an ideal companion in your travels or business trips away from home.

The ZOABAR best disposable vapes is filled with 20ml of essential vape juice, which means you can take up to 8000 puffs when you have it. 650mAh battery capacity is not too big, but it’s enough to keep you smoking your e-cigarette all day long.

Don’t worry if the battery runs out, the USB Type-C charging port at the bottom of the pod will help you recharge easily and enjoy it until the last drop of essential oil. With a nicotine level of up to 50% with each puff of ZOABAR 8000, it is ideal for people who have quit smoking.

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