Fruit Ice Love-R and M Game Box Disposable Vape

If you are interested in vaping, then be sure to check out this article. With the arrival of 2023, major e-cigarette brands have launched a series of new products. Among them, the r and m game box disposable vape kit is a vaping product worth looking forward to. We all know that the biggest feature of disposable cigarettes is convenience, and this product is excellent.

The rectangular design makes it look as light and cute as a piece of chocolate, and 8 different vibrant colours perfectly decorate this disposable vape kit device, giving you a more youthful and fashionable visual experience. There are nearly 10 different flavours of fruit ice, each of which has been carefully developed after countless experiments, just to give you a more pure taste experience.

r and m game box disposable vape kit

You can get up to 12ml of e-juice from the device, providing up to 5200 puffs, giving you 5200 wonderful experiences. If you like a tight MTL vaping experience, then you must try it. Its integrated mesh coil intensifies flavours for a delicious thrill between your lips and teeth.

The 850mAh battery will give your device plenty of time to last, and if you’re worried about battery life on the go, it’ll save you from worrying. Its battery supports type-c fast charging, allowing you to regain vape service in as little as a cup of coffee.

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